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Innovations, intelligent and efficient alternatives to the ornamental stone market are values that have always been part in the company’s identity. Moved by this desire, in 2010, PR Group Paraná presented to the market the PIETRAFINA Technology.

It is a unique cutting process that allows obtaining natural stones up to 5mm thick, reducing the weight of the stones by up to 70%, however increasing its resistance to impacts due to its special structure.

Pietrafina technology is an innovative solution for constructions that opens a wide range of possibilities for the application of ornamental stones in places never imagined. In addition, certain materials can be illuminated, because Pietrafina allows the light to pass through the stone, creating a wonderful translucent stone that can be used on modern projects.

It’s possible to apply in interior designs as living room, hotels, restaurants or as far as your creativity goes:

– Furniture: Drawer fronts and cabinet doors.
– Elevators: Floor coverings, walls and ceilings.
– Lighting: Lamps, plafonds.
– Nautical Industry: Suite Tops, Kitchen Tops.

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