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Have you ever wondered how your kitchen and bathroom countertops got into your home?  

What process and places it has being through before being a part of your everyday life?

Here's a brief explanation of how our own quarry materials are processed and handle from the mountain in Parana, Brazil, to our showroom in Tampa, FL, U.S.A

Granites, Dolomites, Marbles and Limestones, are usually found close to the surface of the earth, making it easier to be extracted. In order to get the materials into transportable sizes, small holes are drilled in the shape of the desired block size or, in our case, following the best movement of the material possible, so the final products are as perfect as it can be. Explosives placed into these holes drilled in the upper part of the mountain, create just enough blast to separate the block from the bedrock without breaking the block itself. Top notch machines are used to transport the raw blocks, into our fabrication site.




Once a block arrives at our stone cutting facility, it is separated into slabs of either 2cm (about 3/4”) or 3cm (about 1 ¼”) through a giant diamond wire blades saw that makes many slices into the stone at once. It can take up to an hour for these blades to go through one foot into the stone, so you can imagine how long it takes for an entire 10′ x 5′ x 10′ block, for example, to be cut into slabs.



Once the large blocks of granite are cut into book-matched slabs, the surfaces must be finished to bring out the beautifulness of the material and make them smooth to the touch. The slabs can be finished as Polished (gloss finish), Honed (silk texture) and Leather (rustic texture), and are done by running the slabs horizontally through slab polishing machines, leaving the slabs with rough edges.




After the slabs are polished, they are placed in bundles of 6 to 7 slabs, always in the sequence they were cut from the block, to ensure that the book-match effect and the required sequence can be followed in a project. These packages are placed in large containers and transported to our facilities in Tampa, FL via cargo ships and trucks. And here they are, waiting for you to come fall in love with these unique and exclusive slabs. Feel free to check out all of our exclusive selections below.

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Own Quarry Materials
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